Laser Beam!

Star Dream shoots a laser at the Halberd

"Haltmann's mind is being absorbed by Star Dream. Merging with the giant ship Access Ark, Star Dream has turned into a sentient planet. The machine has lost its master and purpose. It must be stopped!"

-Boss Flavor Text-

When the Haltmann Works Co. Mother Computer went haywire and took off into space hell bent on eradicating the entire multiverse, Kirby, on executive commander Susie's request, did battle with the mad machine!

Before Kirby set off though, Meta Knight arrived on the scene with the Halberd!

Using the scanning capabilities of the Robobot Armor, Kirby scanned the flying fortress, creating a new, gigantic battleship!

Kirby and Meta Knight set off to confront Star Dream!

In a fierce dog fight just out of Pop Star's Atmosphere, Kirby reigned victorious!

But, the Mother Computer merged with the Access Ark, which turned out to be a re purposed Clockwork Comet!

Kirby engaged in mortal combat once more with the machine, narrowly beating it back!

But, at the last second, Star Dream fires a laser that cripples the right wing of the Halberd!

Meta Knight ejects Kirby, and takes over, trying to steer the plummeting ship!

Kirby then engages Star Dream once again, and lands the finishing blow!

The Star Dream implodes, sealing Kirby's victory and signaling the end of the Haltmann Corporation.

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