Evil was a diabolical demon who, 50 years ago, sparked a war that was so bloody, that it was called, "The Blood War".

He Was Ogura's Surrogate Father during his youth, and, he wasn't a very good father.

Ogura's mind was corrupted by Evil's twistedness.

Years after his first defeat at the hands of Master Lobber and Papa Star, he went into hiding, biding his time to strike against Pop Star!

Years later, he remotely destroyed the seal jar at Pufftop from his base of operations, the Old Castle, setting Ogura Free! But, before Ogura could relish his escape, Evil remotely mind controlled Ogura, who went on a mindless bout of violence across Pop Star before ending up at the Old Castle.

Starfy, Starly and Moe chased after Ogura, Rubius Crystals in hand, and Defeated Evil, with help from Ogura, who sacrificed himself to save the planet from utter destruction!