KPR Sticker 24

Meta Knightmare: Revenge of Konk, is a full fledged game developed by TOSE, Hal and Flagship.

Music by Jun Ishikawa and Morihito Iwamoto.

Story Edit

One day, Meta Knight was practicing his swordplay, when he saw something in the corner of his eye.

Overhead, Battleship Halberd soared! Meta Knight was confused.

Then, from the bushes, came Sword Knight and Blade Knight!

They say that Konk broke into MK Base and Hi-jacked the Halberd!

This angers Meta Knight!

He then heads off to try and stop the Halberd, at all costs!

Worlds Edit

There are five worlds in this game, with 4 levels per world!

W1. Green Valley

W2. Orange Acres

W3. Turquoise Tundra

W4. Yellow Forest

W5. Battleship Halberd

Enemies Edit

A huge assortment of baddies stand in Meta Knight's way!

Some of these include;

Waddle Dee

Waddle Doo


Astro Bagger


Sir Kibble

Coily Snark

Meta Mace

Meta Axe

Meta Javelin

Meta Trident

& More!

Bosses Edit

Defeat the Boss to move on to the next world and eventually reach Konk!

  1. Whispy Woods
  2. Akureima
  3. King Ping
  4. Kabula
  5. Konk

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