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"Whumwhuummm screeeeeee! Microphone check, one two. Build up your power to crank up the volume. Kirby's three-song set list is more than enough to rock the house!"

-Flavor Text-

Plug your ears! He's singing again!

Kirby is notoriously tone deaf, which translates to damaging sound waves with this copy ability!

This ability has three charges!

  1. Kirby screeches into a megaphone
  2. Kirby yells into a desk microphone
  3. Kirby shouts into a stage microphone

Kirby can get this ability through one of four ways.

  1. The mid-boss, Mr. Ticktock
  2. Walky
  3. Wotsaruto
  4. Dolphin Bomber's Sonic Bombs

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