When the Fountain of Dreams began spewing out nightmares instead of sweet dreams, King Dedede set out to investigate. What he found shocked him to the core!

The Dream Demon, Nightmare was attempting to destroy Dream Land!

Dedede tried to seal Nightmare away to prevent him from causing further destruction by splitting the Star Rod into several parts, but Kirby, also on the case, accidentally released him!

Nightmare attempts to escape into space!

Dedede launched Kirby, with Star Rod in hand, after him!

Kirby and Nightmare landed on Pop Star's Moon, where they engaged in combat!

Nightmare was defeated, but attempted to take Kirby with him by detonating the battle arena!

Kirby barely escapes as part of the moon explodes!

Kirby returned the Star Rod, and restored peace to Pop Star!

Today, the Moon's eternal crescent shape serves as a reminder of this terrible ordeal.

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