The Petite Ogura are Ogura's 10 children who first appeared in Densetsu no Stafy 2 and had a major role in The Legendary Starfy: Fire and Ice!


Hindy has a purple tail, two blendy fins, and blonde hair. She also wears a black cowgirl hat. She teams up with Konk in Densetsu no Stafy 2.


Harvey has a red tail, blue fins, a black visor, and a biking helmet. He rides the Pekin Duck Model.


Lofty is mostly covered in green but his tail and the top of his head are yellow. He rides Kiremoth.


Yangy has a reddish orange and blue tail, reddish orange hair, and appears to be wearing a monocle. She can turn into a fire and ice dragon and battles by herself.

She has a major Role in The Legendary Starfy: Fire and Ice.


Pinky is the only child with her tail not seen. She has pink hair and wears a pink dress. She teams up with Numan.


Gussy has a black tail, blue hair and three yellow fins. He uses a sumo-like costume to battle.


Skully has a yellow tail, green fins, wears a helmet, and there appears to be a picture of a skull on his body. He rides Mandezetto.


Baby is mostly black, long tail, black hat resembles a wizard, two yellow thorn-like fins and he has a pacifier. He loves to sing. He teams up with Yurikarugo.


Weepy is mostly yellow and usually cries. He teams up with Jiiyan.


Creepy has a blue tail, an eye patch, and a bandana that covers most of his face. He uses a big viking helmet to battle.

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