Power Attacks are special moves taught to Starfy and Starly during the events of Densetsu no Stafy 4.

These attacks are recharged by collecting special RED PEARLS which can be found about the Amiy Island.

There are four unique attacks to be had, and are as follows.

Heal Charm Edit

Heal Charm

Heal Charm

This ability calls on the grace of the heavens, causing an angel to appear and gradually restore up to 65% of Starfy or Starly's Health.

Coin Edit



This ability causes a two sided coin to appear and spin.

If it lands on the star symbol, all nearby enemies turn into Big Pearls, which home in to the player.

If it lands on the poo symbol, all nearby enemies turn know, and zoom in on the player. If it makes contact, the player takes damage.

Pufftop Force Field Edit

Pufftop Forcefield

Pufftop Force Field

Starly call's upon the force of the Pufftop Guard Legion, making her invincible for about 30 seconds.

Mighty Spin Edit

Power Attack

Mighty Spin

Starfy and Moe spin around very fast!

This attack......leave's the two friends dizzy for a bit though, so exercise caution when using this power.