Pufftop Kingdom (also known as Pufftop or Pufftop Palace) is a floating castle in the sky.
The kingdom in the cloudy skys!

Pufftop palace in the evening

Starfy and his family live there. The Motto of Pufftop is,

"pro omnibus, unus pro omnibus!"

Which translates to, "All for One, One for all!"

Pufftop has been attacked about 4 times since Densetsu no Stafy 1.

The Palace itself is about nine floors tall, and consist's mainly of the lower palace, audiance chamber, upper chambers and the castle clock tower.

The Pufftop Clock Tower contains 12 bronze bells which play the Pufftop Anthem, "ad quos respondendum est tuer." (in english: To Whom, we must Protect.) After playing the anthem, the clock then chimes the hour count.

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