Evil Powers Up Ogura

50 years after the Blood War, Evil emerged from hiding in an attempt to rule Pop Star!

Using his magical energy, He shattered the Seal Jar at Pufftop!

Then, he remotely mind controlled Ogura, to use as an avatar for his evil misdeeds!

After guiding Ogura through a mindless assault of violence against the denizens of Pop Star, followed closely by Starfy and co., Evil, in an attempt to buy him some time, powered up Ogura with magic, turning him into a mindless version of his EX form!

Starfy Defeated Ogura, and, armed with the Rubius Crystals, challanged Evil!

After a grueling fight atop the Castle Roof, Starfy cast Evil down!

Ogura, dying, used his fleeting life force, to totally erase Evil from creation.

Ogura died, then and there, much to the shock of Starfy, Starly and Moe!

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