Starfy: Clash with the Demon World known as Densetsu no Stafy: Makaimura in Japan, is a crossover game developed by Capcom and TOSE for the 3DS. It crosses over the worlds of Ghosts N Goblins and Starfy.


It is Halloween in Pufftop. Starfy and friends are in the Pufftop Pumpkin Patch nearby the Palace, when a terrible tragedy occurs. All the pumpkins are turned into monsters by evil magic! As it turns out, the demon king, Sardius and his lackey, Astaroth, are unleashing the wrath of the Demon world on Planet Pop Star!

Starfy and Co. rush back to the Castle for help. King Papa Star suggests using a magical set of armor to fight against the hordes of Ghosts and Goblins. Starfy suits up, and, using his spin attack and a magical set of weapons, Starfy sets out to take down the Demon King, once, and for all!

Gameplay Edit

Starfy starts out the game with two hit points, just like the source game, Ghosts N goblins.

If you take damage in the Armor, the armor falls apart, and Starfy must rely on his Spin attack to defend himself.

Take damage a second time, you lose a life.

Along the way, you'll find sets of armor which can be collected for extra damage protection.

There are 5 weapons to use.

Lance, knife, fireball, cutter boomerang and the magic crystal.

The Magic Crystal can only be found after beating Astaroth once.

The Armor comes in 3 sets.

Standard: Basic magic armor. Silver colored.

LV. 1: Less Common then Standard Armor. Powers up weapons. Gold Colored.

LV. 2: Green Colored and the rarest set of armor to find. Allows charging of weapons to form super attacks!