Known as Densetsu no Stafy: Tsukikage Ninja.

This game takes place in and around the Amiy Kingdom and Stars Starfy, Shurikit, Kittana and Geisachi!


Starfy receives a letter from his friend, Lady Mattel one day. It is an invitation to attend the annual Ninja Festival at Koimaro Village.

Starfy and Starly, Plus Moe decide to attend.

They arrive at the Ninja Village near nightfall, just as the festival is starting!

Starfy and friends are enjoying themselves, when the moon dulls to a deep red, casting a red light upon Amiy! Suddenly, from the earth, emerges an evil Shogun from eons into the past.

This Shogun, is named Nobuna, and he intends to cast his evil shadow across Amiy! He kidnaps Mattel and vanishes into the night.

Starfy and the others start to panic, when, a light opens from the heavens, and a magical Katana Sword descends!

Kittana then explains that the heavens have chosen Starfy to wield the sword of the mystical ninja!

The swords name, Moon's Blade!

Starfy then embarks on his quest to save Mattel, cast down the Shogun, Nobuna, and Release Amiy from the eternal night!

Modes Edit

There are three modes of gameplay in this game.

  1. Story Mode: Journey across a darkened Amiy, and defeat the evil Shogun, Nobuna!
  2. Mission Mode: Take on quests from the inhabitants of the Amiy Kingdom. There are over 90 missions to complete!
  3. Time Attack: Complete Story Mode as fast as possible! Share your times with players world wide! Only unlocked after Story Mode is completed.

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