Starfy Side Stories: Konk's Great Adventure (Densetsu no Stafy Gaiden: Bonbon no Adventure in japan) is an action/adventure game starring Konk.

The Game was solely developed by Tose.

Story Edit

One day at Pufftop Palace, Konk and Starfy are meandering about the place, when a great boom rattles the entire castle!

Suddenly, a dark cloud envelops starfy, and whisks him away! Konk reluctantly teams up with Starly, and the uncanny duo head out into the Sea of Sky, unaware of the events that would soon take place.

Worlds and Bosses Edit

1.Sea of Sky

Boss: Big Squiddy

2.Soda Sea

Boss: Fatty Puffer

3.Jelly Jungle

Boss: Whispy Woods

4.Volatile Volcano

Boss: Hot Spring Snapper

5.Chaotic Casino

Boss: Possessed Mini G

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