Known as Densetsu no Starfy: Atoran no monogatari in Japan, this game was developed by the Team who developed the first three Starfy Games.


Deep within the vast blue ocean, supposedly lies a sunken city filled with vast riches and treasures!

Starfy, ever the curious fellow, seeks information on this city of gold in the Pufftop Archives.

Within an old dusty tome, describes a way to seek out the city of gold.

Starfy reads within the tome, of a magical jewel, that could be used to rule the world!

Suddenly, Starfy, by an unknown force, loses the tome and is knocked out!

Starfy comes to in Lobber's Cave. Old Man Lobber informs Starfy that an evil being cloaked in shadow is seeking out the Master Jewel in the city of gold.

This potentially spelled trouble for Starfy, so, he then heads off to seek six keys needed to unlock the lost city and save the world!

Worlds and Bosses

World 1. Coral Castle

Boss: Konk

World 2. Oreo Oasis

Boss: Buirun

World 3. Sandy Shallows

Boss: Hot Spring Snapper

World 4. Crayon Clouds

Boss: Muga

World 5: Sherry Cellar

Boss: Mad Piero

World 6. Tempest Tower

Boss: Apnea

World 7. City of Gold

Boss: Apnea EX

World 8: Deep Drop Chasm (Final Battle)

Boss: Gigaton and Apnea

End Game

Starfy, at the end of Tempest Tower, encounters the cloaked bringer of nightmares, Apnea.

Apnea discloses his plans to bring eternal nightmares to Dreamland with the Master Jewel.

Starfy does not want to suffer this fate, and challenges Apnea!

Starfy emerges victorious against Apnea.

Apnea however retreats to the city of gold, starfy in hot pursuit.

Starfy, using the six keys, unlocks the Golden City, and traverses it's corridors and passages in an attempt to stop Apnea.

Starfy catches up with Apnea in the heart of the citadel, where the Master Jewel sleeps.

Starfy confronts Apnea who uses the Master Jewel to power himself up. After a tough battle, Apnea is seemingly defeated, but then pulls out one last trick from his shadowy sleeve.

The Golden City is perched on the edge of Gigaton Trench.

Apnea flies into the trench and fuses with a Hibernating Gigaton!

Starfy watches in horror as Gigaton is transformed into a war machine!

Suddenly, the Master Jewel gleams, and the Star Rod appears!

Starfy flies into the trench, to finish off Apnea once and for all!

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