Attack of the Doomers

The Legendary Starfy: Attack of the Doomers is a platforming action and adventure game developed by Tose and Hal Labs.

Produced by the Teams that worked on Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Kirby Planet Robobot.


One day in the fluffy clouds of Pufftop, Starfy was playing baseball with Starly and Moe when, all of a sudden, the skies darkened and a dimensional rift opened up.

From the Rift, spilled hundreds of spherical monsters followed by a very large one!

These monsters, were called Sphere Doomers!

This Time, Grand Doomer wanted to plunge the Planet of Pop Star into utter chaos.

Using His Powers, Grand Doomer struck the earth, and shattered Pop Star into seven distinct zones.

Starfy see's Kirby and Friends attempt an attack on Grand Doomer, to no avail!

It is up to Starfy and friends, to reconnect the shattered planet and stop Grand Doomer once, and for all!

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