Known also, as Densetsu no Stafy: Hi to kōri in Japan, This game features the return of the Puchi Ogura and the arrival of a new foe that wants to cover the planet with an induced Ice Age!

Storyline Edit

Starfy awakes one morning to a chilly surprise.

Everything in Pufftop is covered in a fine layer of ICE!

As Starfy looks around, he discovers his Mom and Dad frozen in blocks of Ice!

Then, he see's a foe, that he'd never seen before!

A wizard of Ice, he notices Starfy, and vanishes!

As Starfy mourns, he notices someone laying near the Throne!

Starfy looks, and gasps!

It, is one of the Puchi Ogura, Puchi Ogura No. 4 to be exact!

She awakens, to see Starfy, and explains herself to him.

Starfy realizes that the Ice Wizard was summoning an ice comet from the tallest mountain in Pop Star!

Starfy and the Ice and Fire Puchi Ogura team up, to save Pop Star from a chilly demise!

Enemies Edit

Here is a small list of common baddies found in the game.

Ice Guy


Waddle Dee

Waddle Doo



Wahi Wahi



Sir Kibble

Blade Knight

and plenty more!

Mid Bosses Edit

Along the journey, you'll encounter several midbosses!

  1. Bonkers
  2. Hornhead
  3. Mr. Tick Tock
  4. Gigant Edge
  5. Dubior
  6. Ice Galboros
  7. Moundo

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