The Legendary Starfy: Journey of Dreams is the direct sequel to Journey to Pufftop. The basic plot is, Starfy, triumphant over the forces of evil, returns to Pufftop to enjoy somepeace and quiet, but, that is quickly destroyed when a great evil attacks not only Pufftop, but the nearby Amiy Kingdom as well! If the evil is not stopped, all of Popstar will fall to its grasp! This games was developed by Tose and published by nintendo. The soundtrack was composed by Morihito Iwamoto and Jun Ishikawa.

Chapter 1: Do it ALL over again... Edit

Starfy is enjoying some peace and quiet at Pufftop Palace, when Moe the Clam rushs into the room! He tells Starfy some very grave news. The Amiy Kingdom had been captured! Who could have done this!? Could it be Dejiru? Or, was it a much greater evil? Thus, Starfy, Starly and Moe hop out of the clouds where Pufftop sits and make their long overdue return to the Amiy Kingdom!

Stage 1: