Mirror Menace

Known as Densetsu no Stafy: Akui no kagami in Japan,

This Game features the return of Mirretta!

Story Edit

One day, high above Pufftop, the portal to the Mirror World, the Dimensional Mirror, appeared!

The Skies grew cloudy, and stormy!

Huffinfluff, concerned, sent word to Pufftop Palace!

Starfy went to investigate!

As Starfy watched the mirror from the Pufftop Clock Tower, he saw it flicker, and from the mirror, came the evil, Dark Meta Knight, followed by hordes of never before seen monsters!

Starfy watched, as DMK used the Dark Galaxia to slice open more portals in space and time!

Starfy suddenly notices Mirretta behind him!

"This is bad! The Dimensional Mirror reappearing is a bad omen!" Said the mirror girl gravely.

The Two agree to make the effort to stop Dark Meta Knight from his warped and twisted plans!

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