Known as Densetsu no Stafy: Tenkai Wanderers in Japan, this starfy game is the first in the series to be a "Wide Open Sandbox" game!

Music by Morihito Iwamoto and Jeremy Soule.

This game was developed by TOSE and Project Sora of Super Smash Bros. Fame.

It is the first Starfy game on the Wii U!

Story Edit

Starfy wakes up to find his Sister, Starly MIA!

The Queen and King are missing as well!

Starfy, deeply distraught, vows to scour Pufftop to find his Family!

Game play Edit

This game is the first one to be in full 3D!

It is open world with 9 distinct Zones to explore!

Starfy retains his Spin Attack, which can be upgraded to it's level 2 and level 3 versions over the course of the game.

Along the way, Starfy will be able to utilize weapons in addition to his spin attack, like the Broad Sword, Cutter Boomerang, and even the legendary Star Rod!

This is the first Starfy games to use food as healing items instead of Pearls, but Pearls still exist as Currency!

The Mermaid from previous games reappears as a healing station and a save point for Starfy to save his progress and fully heal himself.

Zones Edit

There are 9 zones to explore!

  1. Pufftop Palace
  2. Gabun Ocean
  3. Turtle Island
  4. Amiy Kingdom
  5. Cloudy Park
  6. Sunfall Island
  7. Melody Town
  8. Whelk Mountain
  9. The World of Darkness

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