The Legendary Starfy: Origins Known as Densetsu No Stafy: The Origin in Japan


is an updated version of the gba game, Densetsu no Starfy 1, for the 3DS.

The Story is the same as the First game.

Story Edit

Once, there existed a kingdom called Pufftop. Pufftop's crown prince, Starfy, was moving some stuff from one end of the Castle to the other end. These items were a treasure chest, an old gem crown and a magic jar. Suddenly, Starfy tripped on the carpet, and the items fell through a window. The jars cork was popped loose in the fall, and a great evil was unleashed!

Starfy was banished by the evil being into the ocean. He was found by an elderly Lobster. Now, Starfy must embark on a great adventure to restore peace to all of Pop Star!

Stages Edit

There are 9 stages in the game with an extra 5 stages able to be unlocked post final boss.

  1. Lobber's Cave
  2. Coral Coast
  3. Gigi the Whale
  4. Icicle Ocean
  5. Rock Bottom
  6. S.S. Logwater
  7. Sunken Temple
  8. Sea of Sky
  9. Pufftop Besieged

EX. 1 Dreamland Tales

Travel across Dreamland, in search of a magical cure!

EX. 2 Time Attack

Beat 5 really tough stages. Share your completion times with your friends!

EX. 3 Boss Rush

Beat all the baddies! Go for the fastest Completion time!

EX. 4 Konk!

Konk makes away with a rare jewel! Track him down!

EX. 5 The Final, Really Final Battle

A Secret duel with Ogura! You can only unlock this stage, if the four extra stages are beaten, and all the secret chests have been found!

Extras Edit

Sound test

Enemy Viewer

Cutscene Viewer

and 4 Minigames!