Origins II

The Legendary Starfy - Origins II known as Densetsu no Stafy 2 - The Origin in Japan, is an updated re-release of Densetsu no Stafy 2 for international market for the 3DS!

Like the previous Origins game, it features updated 3D graphics, redone music and physics, new content, and a fully English localized script!


Previously, Starfy had sealed Ogura and restored peace to Pufftop! But, before our hero can rest, Ogura has a few tricks to unleash!

Using his magic, he spawns ten children and uses them to free him from the magic Seal Jar!

Now free, Ogura proceeds to Kidnap Starfy's Mom!

Starfy and Moe the Clam give chase!

Starfy is now in a race against time to save his mom and the world!

The plot has been re-worked at certain key points, and is also expanded too! A refreshing take on a great game!


As Starfy, you must travel through 11 areas and defeat the bosses to proceed!

Along the way, use old moves and learn new ones to jump, glide and spin your way to victory!

Several extras, like a sound test or enemy info guide are also able to be unlocked.

Several new features are found here that were not in the original Starfy 2!

  1. Arena
  2. True Arena
  3. Mini Game Rush
  4. Cutscene Viewer
  5. Completion Log

Join us on the greatest adventure ever! Dive in and explore the world of,